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Premium Truck Kit

Premium Truck Kit

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Our Premium Truck Kit is designed for service vehicles such as electrical, plumbing, communications, etc.  These kits should only be opened in the case of an emergency.  For everyday cuts and scrapes we suggest our Contractor Cut Kits. 

Premium Truck Kit
Part No Product Units Quantity
12110-G Elastic Compression Bandage 3" Each 1
13020-G Komform Bandage 3" Each 1
13030-G Komform Bandage 4" Each 4
13610-G Triangular Bandage Each 2
14022-G Sterile Gauze Pads 4" X 4"  (12/Bag) 1
15000-G Abdominal Pads 5" X 9" Each 1
15500-G Tourniquet Each 1
15601-G Oval Eye Pads  (2/Bag) 1
18002-G Bandage Scissors  Each 1
19500-G Cold Packs  Each 1
22610-G Foil Rescue Blanket Each 1
23024-G Nitrile Gloves Large  (10/Bag) 1
23500-G Emesis Bag  Each 1
23600-G Bio Hazard Bag  Each 1
23742-G PAWS Antiseptic Hand Wipes  (12/Bag) 1
25010-G Workplace First Aid Report   Each 1
25020-G Kit Inspection Sticker  Each 1
25200-G First Aid Kit Book  Each 1
30000-G CPR Shield With One-Way Valve Each 1
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