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Ontario No 10 Deluxe First Aid Kit

Ontario No 10 Deluxe First Aid Kit

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Every employer employing more than fifteen and fewer than 200 workers in any one shift at a place of employment shall provide and maintain at the place of employment one stretcher, two blankets and a first aid station with a first aid box.

Ontario No 10 Deluxe First Aid Kit
Part No Description Units Quantity
10134-G Fabric Strips  (25/Bag) 1
10154-G Fingertip Small  (25/Bag) 1
10164-G Fingertip Large  (25/Bag) 1
10174-G Knuckle  (25/Bag) 1
11430-G Clear Surgical Tape Each 2
13010-G Komform Bandage 2" Each 12
13020-G Komform Bandage 3" Each 8
13030-G Komform Bandage 4" Each 8
13610-G Triangular Bandage Each 12
14024-G Sterile Gauze Pads 4" X 4"  (25/Bag) 2
15000-G Abdominal Pads 5" X 9" Each 6
15500-G Tourniquet Each 1
17050-G Wire Splints 3.75" X 12"  Each 1
17060-G Splint Padding  Each 2
18002-G Bandage Scissors  Each 1
18531-G Splinter Out  (10 Pack) 1
18900-G Assorted Safety Pins  (12/Bag) 2
19500-G Cold Packs  Each 1
23024-G Nitrile Gloves Large  (10/Bag) 1
23500-G Emesis Bag  Each 2
23742-G PAWS Antiseptic Hand Wipes  (12/Bag) 1
25000-G Minor Injury Report  (15/Pad) 1
25010-G Workplace First Aid Report   Each 1
25020-G Kit Inspection Sticker  Each 1
25030-G WSIB Sticker Each 1
25090-G Red Stop Sticker Each 1
25095-G Security Pull Tie Each 1
25200-G First Aid Kit Book  Each 1
30000-G CPR Shield With One-Way Valve Each 1
40003-G BZK towelettes  (18/Bag) 1

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