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Control The Bleed Kit

Control The Bleed Kit

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Control The Bleed Kits contain battle-proven medical devices designed to rapidly control catastrophic bleeding.

Control The Bleed Kit
Part No Product Units Quantity
11430-G Clear Surgical Tape Each 1
12110-G Elastic Compression Bandage 3" Each 2
13020-G Komform Bandage 3" Each 2
14021-G Sterile Gauze Pads 4" X 4"  (6/Bag) 1
15000-G Abdominal Pads 5" X 9" Each 2
15500-G Tourniquet Each 1
18012-G Paramedic Shears Each 1
18911-G Assorted Safety Pins  (12/Bag) 1
22610-G Foil Rescue Blanket Each 1
23021-G Nitrile Gloves Large  Each 2
23740-G PAWS Antiseptic Hand Wipes  Each 2
18911-G Sharpie Market Each 1
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